Tasting notes, and thanks

Glenmorangie Tain L'Hermitage 1975Colour Deep mahogany.

Nose Rich and sweet with berry fruits and spices. At full strength, the aroma is of plums and dark chocolate with hints of mint, black pepper and almond oil.

With water, sugared plums emerge with peaches and hints of berry fruits (strawberries and raspberries), balanced by sandlewood and dates, with beeswax in the background.

Taste The flavour is richly fruity and full-bodied. The taste starts sweet and fruity then becomes slightly tart as berries appear with sherbert lemons. The taste then evolves into a lightly chewy and dry mouth feel as cocoa powder and dry vinous notes are detected.

Finish Long and dry with cocoa, deep vinous notes and plum skins.

When a 36 year old bottle of single highland malt scotch whiskey shows up on your doorstep, delivered by the hand of someone who has done oh so much already, all you can do is hope you’ll have the opportunity to share it with people just as grand.

And say thanks!

MG signing off (to await opening day)


Big help calls for big thanks.

This could wind up a vicious circle.

ArlingtonGreg says:

I already thought you were pretty cool, although I know only your online personality (and for all that, you could be a dog), but if you do things for people that merit such thank yous, you must be cooler than I thought!

Much appreciated, GF. Now I even have the smart folks fooled. 😉

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