Top ten reasons carp are better than trout

1) You need just some 8lb leader to catch carp. Most trout fishermen carry 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, 6X, and 7X, or at least all those spools dangling from their vests make it look that way.

2) Most carp fishing requires at minimum a stout 6 weight – a 7 or an 8 if you want to play it safe. For trout you carry what’s called a noodle.

3) Carp shy away from anything that looks like an indicator. Tiers create very effective flies for trout…out of indicators.

4) Carp warn their friends when there are flies in the water. Trout chase their friends away and then eat the flies.

5) When fly-fishing for carp you get to see your backing. When fly-fishing for trout, you begin to miss your line.

6) Carp don’t croak after they’ve been out of the water for ten minutes. You have to revive a trout after five seconds.

7) Carp seem happy, as they often jump seemingly just for joy. Trout must be depressed, because all they do is sit in the feeding lane and eat.

8) A puny carp is ten pounds. A trophy trout is…ten pounds.

9) You’re happy if there is a fly shop near your trout fishery. But it’s likely there’s a strip club next to the carp fishery.

And last but not least…

10) Wipe the slime off a trout and it gets sick and dies. Wipe the slime off a carp and you get sick and die.

MG signing off (hoping spring really is almost here)


Some additional that fit in nicely with your finance theme.

11) The taxpayers spend millions (billions?) a year stocking trout and controlling carp. Somehow I am pretty sure that overall there still more total carp in the US.

12) The taxpayers and Trout Unlimited spend millions (billions?) a year improving trout habitat while big business makes billions (trillions?) fuckin-up carp habitat. Once again, somehow there are more carp.

I’ll toss fuel on that fire…

Despite impending food shortages as a result of a) diversion of crop output to biofuels, b) the wholesale destruction of the fiat currency, and c) rampant, unbridled speculation, Americans turn their noses up at carp.

Which just so happen to be the largest aquaculture species on our fair planet.

I’m not saying I’d willfully eat one out of the South Platte. But I do support the cleanup of the waterway, as sooner or later I’m going to have to. See, I lost a bet way back when, and an SP carp meal was the wager. I still owe on that one.

I remember that… and I also remember that I was going to come out and document the event.

Will have to get that done when I come out this summer.

What meager skills I have are sure to completely unravel while chasing that dinner.

But at least we’ll drink like sailors!

So what you are saying is that there is a way to save the economy, stave off world hunger AND clear a bet-debt. M.Gracie eats a S.Platte Carp live on the internet and we are all saved!

n.taylor says:

After a few beers I might even argue that a carp from the Platte is better looking than those stocker rainbows they put everywhere. The Golden Ghost is truly a model for evolutionary adaption and for that it deserves recognition regardless of how you feel about them.

We need to start Carp Unlimited.

“We need to start Carp Unlimited.”

Sign me up.

13) Because sight-casting to picky, spooky, 20lb swamp donkeys, and staring at a plastic bubble and wondering what might eat it, can hardly even be called the same sport.

14) Because wearing a ghey, brightly colored casting shirt won’t get you anywhere on the carp flats.

15) Because most of the people who take trout fishing really seriously wouldn’t be caught dead in the stank, and that’s reason enough.

I like “Swamp Donkeys Unlimited” even better.

I am partial to any fish you measure in lbs rather than inches.

I have been looking at weather forecasts, hoping that I can make a run at the flats in mid march. Not sure if I can tie any more flies…need to chase some tail.

Wish I could come with. Despite the decent weather as of late, I’ve been out one day in 2011. And have nothing to show even for that.

Mark says:

Great post and commentary by all.

Let’s do CU.

Things should start to heat up in the coming weeks. Carpe diem!

kbarton10 says:

Great Post, especially Numbah Ten. Me love it long time.

Crawdaddy says:

Carp always have the “O” face on…

craig says:

picking up a license in a national park. dressed in bibs and sneakers. i suppose i wasn’t representing ala mode. so i was getting the extra long speech about park regs, especially re: catch and release.

finally bored, i said, “i would rather eat a carp than a damn trout, so they’re safe”
she said, “what?!!?”
i said, “they taste better and they are bigger”
she said, “good luck then”.

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