Twenty-six days until FIBFest 2011

Deneki Outdoors‘s FIBFest starts in just twenty-six days, as in before the month of March is over. In the grand scheme, there is no particular significance to the number of days until launch, unless that also happens to be part of your ATM card PIN (mine is “2626”). But there is a fine crew participating (whose count is now up to six) in what will surely be the epitome of unbiased travel-related opinion-making.

Never mind.

In the absence of the aforementioned journalistic integrity, we’ll be drinking like sailors, swinging from tiki bar rafters, and sleeping in ’till noon catching a lot of bonefish.

Documenting it online too. In the most colorful manner possible.

MG signing off (to find a new schtick, as the sandbagging has already been called out)


Bjorn says:

I’m kind of looking forward to this.

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