An Andros South junkie’s secrets revealed

I know an Andros South junkie. This bonefish addict rolls over to the casa one evening, and over some cheap pizza starts spilling his secrets.

I also know a loudmouth…me! So I’m coughing up one of these precious tips. It’s Paulson’s Bunky Shrimp, a dead sexy Idylwilde pattern I was told is one of the must-have flies for the southernmost part of The Bahamas. After checking this fly out, however, I realized I’d like to have a few in tan (they’re offered from the factory in just pink), and maybe a bit bigger. So I brewed up my own.

They’ve been tied a little sparser than normal – in size #2 I think they are already have good profile yet remain light enough for the shallow flats we’ll be hucking across most FIBFest days. I used thicker eyes (out of 60lb mono, since that’s all I had), and tossed a little blaze orange thread on the back for a spawn sack of sorts. What’s the body composed of? Quite possibly THE toughest material to find, and I wound up placing a lot of calls for a lot of samples before making the score.

The source? That I WILL keep a secret for now.

MG signing off (and watching my back because I ran my mouth)

Editor’s note: Yes, that’s the infamous 957 Vise in the picture. Still kickin’ baby!


Bjorn says:

Nice… very nice. I’ve been tying up my own variation of that for a few nights now and I am really looking forward to casting a few at some nice bones. That does look like a winner.

Nice tie.

Tks. BTW: did you find the secret ingredient (can’t tell from your pic)?

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Bjorn says:

Nope… Just used EZ Body. Still looks good though.

WindKnot says:

I’m thinking I know what that stuff is… but since it’s a secret…

That place still haunts me…

I’m going to sneak out to the airstrip, sans rods n’ reels, and maybe even in a sea kayak. Gonna plant the Hammerzilla flag on that desolate shoal, warning people to stay away, and then watch my hands bleed say a little prayer.

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andygoa says:

Can anyone reveal the “secret ingredient” yet?
New to bonefishing and tying salty stuff.
2 years on from this post and people are still saying EZ braid and I know it’s not the right stuff. Any help before I lose all my hair would be greatly appreciated…
(Being in the UK with $20-30 shipping fees! makes buying the factory ones out of the question)

The ingredient is secret only to fly-tying materials suppliers, and it definitely isn’t EZ Braid. Look up “monofilament braid industrial” via internet search – you should find a supplier with a little work. I originally got my supply from some folks in the eastern US (can remember now), and I’ve since given it all away.

If you dig around those search results you’ll find someone who sells clear braided mono for low-heat wire sheathing and like-kind applications – you want stuff that is like 3/16th inch diameter. The guys I bought from only sold in something like 10 yard increments, but I asked if they had scraps and sure enough they did!

Good luck!

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