“Caprs and Troots”

From Will Rice’s Caprs and Troots collection, we give you the lovely and talented Kara Armano:

Kara Armano

Yet more proof the DSP – that’s Denver South Platte for those just joining – IS a real fishery.

MG signing off (as unlike Kara, I got skunked on this particular outing)


Kara says:

The only reason I caught this fish was because Will and Michael were nice enough to give me the best spot with the best flies. I bet they’ll learn their lesson next time I make it to the DSP for some down and dirty fishing.

Thanks for publicly destroying the bad boy reputations we’ve worked so hard for.

A troot in the DSP?!? Sheesh, you never know what you’re going to find in that thing. Then again, the 21st century, non-native rainbow is a fertile, mutant cornucopia rivaling the X-Men. That one may very well have made the evolutionary leap to benzene/methanol immunity and an ability to live off sulfuric life-forms.

Nice job, Kara.

With ruining MG and Rice-Cake’s reputations, that is.

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