Paging Dr. Bonefish

bonefishWhen I was offered a trip to Andros South, the first thing I thought about was outrageous bonefishing. After that blissful concept settled in, I pondered a post-day Kalik, a tasty meal, and a comfy bed. Performing surgery on fish, in the name of science, never crossed my mind.

Then I spent the day with Bjorn Stromness, a.k.a. Doctor Bonefish. Doctor Bonefish is one of the world’s foremost experts on the wily creature that bears his name. And with data gathering projects to be completed during FIBFest, Doctor Bonefish needed an assistant – yours truly was lucky enough to be chosen.

Our task…clip small chunks of flesh from the rear of the fishes’ dorsal fin, cram it in a little storage vial, and record length measurements and the approximate location of the catch. These samples and the associated data are then turned over to the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust – I suppose they will handle the genetic sequencing and subsequent cloning of the piglets we hauled in over the course of the day.


Fishing for science. Kind of like fishing for beer, only not.

MG signing off (to find an electron microscope that will fit in my wading pack)


Bjorn says:

I AM NOT AN EXPERT! It was cool though… very cool. Thanks for playing assistant.

No need to shout – we know you’re just being modest.

Rebecca says:

He was a modest guy all week even in the face (or should that read–backside) of all that magnificence going on.

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