The blue pill, the red pill, or the diet pill

Choose your vestThree days into this grand event called FIBFest, I stroll down to the dock. There I’m met with a slight, as Trevor Covich, Assistant Manager at Andros South, hands me the blue vest.

Some folks believe the color blue represents safety, while red represents danger. Others feel that blue would be hard to see when you’re overboard, while red stands out like a sore thumb when in the water. Unfortunately, when it comes to the mandatory floatation vests Andros South clients wear on the boat, blue means extra large while red fits the medium to small we all wish to be.

Dinner at Andros SouthI’d like to call the incident a simple misunderstanding, but the fact of the matter is that for the first three days out, I was, without question, immediately handed a red vest.

I hold no ill will towards Mr. Covich though – everyone has seen my dinner plate. Bottom line – the food at Andros South isn’t as good as the bonefishing, but it runs a really, really close second.

MG signing off (to find a Jenny Craig program in the Bahamas)


Dinky Fish says:

My vote is for the BLUE one all day long, if i actually need it, the last thing i want is a Mad Hadder pack of sharks thinking the RED ONE is DINK BAIT Dinner. Go with the Blue, Go with the Blue, if i am with you then you Automatically get the RED ONE.

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Kyle says:

by the way Gracie, I think I had to wear a pink one most of the trip.

Don’t you mean “all of the trip”? šŸ˜‰

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