WordPress does it again, with iOS version 2.7

From the comfort of my living room sofa, I type this post on a simple, usable, and (now) stable piece of software, WordPress for iOS.

Personally, I found versions prior to the recently released 2.7 handy enough, but after testing through and through I must admit there were a few flaws. Rather than complain though, I just ignored them. The reasoning was while the products had issues, the bottom line is they came in large part from a small army of volunteer contributors, and the software was (and is) in fact free. Further, I’m probably not going to fire up iOS development tools either.

Only a turd would complain about issues with a free piece of software. And those that do are probably the same folks that piss and moan about how dirty their OEM iPad cases get. It’s a tool for goodness sakes. Or are you headed to an Apple-sponsored fashion show?

Nevertheless, there is little to complain about WordPress for iOS version 2.7 – in fact, I believe congratulations are in order. It just works. Thank you, to every person that had a hand in making my life a little bit easier. Because that’s precisely what you’ve done.

MG signing off (eternal grateful…that the prima donnas might finally shut their pie holes)

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