The bone in bonefish

It’s been said that bonefish get their name because they are very boney, and that’s supposedly the reason people don’t eat them. The reality is something quite different…


Photo courtesy of Cameron Miller

Bonefish have a clear exoskeleton covering their head. It’s Mother Nature’s way of protecting their eyes from wayward anglers (and allowing them clear vision when digging around the bottom for shrimp and crabs). They are disregarded as table fare because they are worth a heck of a lot more swimming the flats than sitting on some human’s dinner plate.

This educational message brought to you by the fine folks at Andros South, where it isn’t just about fishing the finest flats with the finest guides and then returning to a cooler full of the finest Bahamian beer. Although that’s the excuse they’re pitching.

MG signing off (to fail miserably in my never-ending quest to poke a bonefish in the eye)


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