Introducing the new MidCurrent

It might need a tweak here and there, but click the banner below anyway…

website development

Plausible deniability is for politicians, as is self-agrandization. Compliments are encouraged, but please direct them to the site owner. You can leave complaints in the comments section here because I’m going to wind up getting them anyway.

MG signing off (to get some much needed sleep)


Nice Work.

I see you snuck your brown in my gallery…

Didn’t think you’d mind. 😉

You are a man of many talents, MG.

Thanks PMcD. And I’m especially good at yelling at the boss.

Marshall Cutchin says:

‘Cruel’ would not be too strong a word.

Marshall Cutchin says:

Please note: Our corporate stance at MidCurrent is that any mistakes you see on the site are Michael Gracie’s and his alone.

Marshall Cutchin says:

Wait, we’ve just been informed by Michael’s attorneys that we can’t blame anything on him.

Jeez – those guys are good! I didn’t even have to call them myself. 😉

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