Today’s irony in taxation

This just in via the Los Angeles Times: the second largest tax preparer in the U.S., Jackson Hewitt, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. A tax preparer having trouble? Will they blame their problems on Turbo Tax (like the Secretary of the Treasury did)?

Meanwhile, in completely unrelated news, the General Accounting Office reports that more than $24 billion in stimulus funds (the distribution point for being the U.S. Treasury) went to recipients that owe the government $757 million in…back taxes.

MG signing off (to ponder the irony)


The Professor says:

mmm the left doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. One would have thought that the hullabaloo about the central machine knowing all about you would catch this before the distribution takes place. Perhaps the complicated web of government systems is not that connected after all … or it was just more politically expediant to hand it all out to whoever and let someone else deal with the fallout.

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