Busting Bonefish Bull

Deneki Outdoors bonefishingEach time I’ve visited Deneki’s Andros South lodge, I’ve come back clear of a few more misconceptions about bonefishing. And in the interest of making sure everyone else understands how much bull floats around regarding rigs, casting, flies, and guides – in other words, how painstakingly difficult bonefishing is supposed to be – I’ve spewed mythbusting royale over at the Deneki site. You can find my slapdowns here and here.

Want to know more? Then get yourself the definitive guide, Bonefishing 101, compiled by the lodge proprietor himself, Andrew “Flyfishing Is My Work, Which Really Doesn’t Suck” Bennett.

MG signing off (because fly-fishing is all bull, so why not bust it?)


Gary says:

We can compare notes when we return. I’ll be on the Grande Rhonde during your trip. If you go again in Feb’12 count me in. I undertake day two of gettin my warm water thing together tomorrow morning. A few more days of pulling bass and then it’s straight to the Sth platte for carpin! Nothing says practice for bones like sight fishing for carp.

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