The last fishing net you may ever need

Nomad Fly-FishingAs the manufacturer suggested, I took a boat net on a stroll. I really wanted to toss in “cause that’s how I roll”, but that sounds so marketing-esqe/cute really fricken stupid. Instead, I bent the darn thing over my knee, and sprained it (meaning: the knee). Threw it against rocks, and tried shoveling gravel out of the riverbed with it. Then I stomped on it with cleated wading boots. After imagining I’d lost it (only to realize it was so light I barely noticed it was stuffed behind my waist pack).

When none of that worked, I handed the Nomad Guide Net to a guy half my age – he tried drowning it, but the beast just would not die. And my colleague even noted he liked the way it looked.

Read the full review of the last fishing net you may ever need over at MidCurrent.

MG signing off (to give the net back to its rightful owner, albeit not without a fight)


MG – did I read that you said this net has a flat bottom? Or are the voices in my head playing tricks on me again?

Yes, kinda. Basket is shaped like a cone with the point chopped off.

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