The only river not blown out holding fish interested in something besides eating

You go fly-fishing with the expectation that the targets are hungry.

Yesterday I found they were just horny.

MG signing off (because he really needs a tripod)


Its a good thing it doesnt seem like they spawn 10 times a year here. Oh yeah…it does seem like that. Dang perverts, get a room!

Indeed. Now all those carp need are Twitter accounts, then they can run for Congress.

It’s hard to milt on her face when she wont stay still.

Now that’s uncalled for. This is a family friendly site. 🙂

That’s what it takes to get the coveted 18+ tag from FlyFisherGirl.

Alex – wow, that was a gooder. Just about spit my coffee out. Nice to see you are top form!

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