Dearest Woolly Bugger…

What happens when your streamer box finds a new love?

The woolly bugger gets kicked to the curb.

It’s a cruel, cruel world.

MG signing off (because Meat Whistles like to dine out)



Take it easy on him, Master Jedi Smithzilla. He’s young, and he’s recently caught Mad Capr Disease.

“….and he’s recently caught Mad Capr Disease.”

The bugger is money on the caprs. Put them back in the box, man, FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST!!

n.taylor says:

Watch me draw you as my pro and observe you rip 12 capr out on buggers that day. I can see it happening now.

All joking aside, a #8 bugger in black or rust is my all-time #2 carp fly.

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