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Coming soon to a theatre near you…

Reservoir and River Carp

MG signing off (to cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war)


McTage says:

So what you are saying is that this motley crew is contractually obligated to give up all thier secrets? If I try and smuggle in a tape recorder will there be repercussions?

Actually, we’re going to run down by Starbucks and catch a carp. Then we’re going to dissect it, put it back together, and release it unharmed.

It’s really no secret that such a thing is possible.

McTage says:

In Starbucks I hope. Then when they ask to get that large carp outta there the response could be “You mean Grande?”

I saw a demonstration once where a carp was completely disassembled, and the various parts laid out on a lab table. When the room was vacated, but still being observed via hidden camera, the parts seemed to demonstrate some sort of magnetic attraction, or gravitational pull, in re-assembling themselves. Unfortunately the tapes were quickly confiscated and are believed to now be residing deep inside the facility which may or may not exist below Iron Mountain.

Tape that session…I want the video. A gathering of such carp minds in one place, maybe we should take advantage of it and put them on the budget crisis. See what they can come up with.

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