The Barry Reynolds Show

Hosted by who else?

The Host

And co-starring Tim Glomb of Cazador Media, who doubled as cameraman.

Co-starring Tim Glomb

I auditioned for a supporting role, but wound up an extra…

Next time I'm taking the Executive Producer title

MG signing off (because I almost started hitting small streams for trout…almost)


Hey, I know that lake… I sucked at carp fishing there one time.

Quote from Luna: “I figured I’d finally gotten this carp thing dialed, and then I went fishing with Barry.”

I only fish with the guy because he’s always dropping his chest pack when the camera starts clicking – once I get a hold of his fly box I feel right as rain. But the BR/MG catch ratio this outing was still like 4:1.

I would love to fish with BR some day…doubt I would have gotten started on these fish without his book. Next time you grab his fly box take some pictures.

Pete McD says:

Top notch use of the word conjured

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