There is still time to sign up for Carp Slam

Every fly angler on the planet is a liar. And the 2011 South Platte Pro-Am Carp Slam is…

Carp Slam is SOLD OUT

I repeat…SOLD OUT!

The field is a wily, ultra-fishy bunch, and the bounty, which includes gear from Sage, Waterworks-Lamson, Fishpond, Nomad, Redington, and more is going to entice a knock down, drag out competition that makes a fifteen-vehicle NASCAR pileup look like a sideshow at a pre-teen beauty pageant.

Thankfully, however, you DON’T have to miss the party. There are still plenty of volunteer spots available, and you can also grab a ticket to what’s being billed as the charity gala of the decade, An Evening on the South Platte. You’ll not only ensconce yourself as a parader of the red carpet, but you’ll be helping to clean up the South Platte river while scoring some fine eats and tasty beverages. All angling competitors WILL have bathed before they arrive for the festivities, so you don’t even have to carry a gas mask.

Be there, or be sitting on your couch playing Xbox with the rest of the un-sociables.

MG signing off (because my odds of winning just dropped to 100-1)


McTage says:

Bathed? I am afraid I am allergic.

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