Youthful disrespect

Nate O’Taylor was none too happy to get conned into entering Carp Slam 2011, only to be rebuffed thereafter when inquiring about potential fishing outings together. I’m up to my nostrils in work, and trying to get prepped for the main event myself. But yoots will be yoots – Nate lashed out, exclaiming conspiracy. And vowed to take me to the cleaners, after selling my soul at the charity auction.

So what does a mild mannered chap such as myself do when confronted with this flagrant disregard for propriety amongst the quiet sport set?

carp on the fly

Nate O' throws down the gauntlet

Photoshop a carp into his hands. After landing it for him, of course.

MG signing off (awaiting the moment when the kid eats his words…and buys me that beer)


n.taylor says:

I signed up for no such quiet sport. By the way, you did a really good job with the edges of the carp near my hands. It almost looks real.

Yes, I have become a Photoshop master. Where the hell to you think all MY hero shots come from?

I got broken off at that exact spot last year. Nice job, Nate.

Btw, there is much to learn about becoming a carp jedi from this short video:

n.taylor says:

“The capr lives, I live, we share this all with nature.”

“It is not done. It is only experienced, it just happens.”

These treasured words of guidance I have taken to heart.

Sensei Smithzilla he shall hence be called.

I too have lived the tales of loved lost and broken leaders. A gotdamned orange koi broke me off in that exact same spot last year as well. Would’ve been my first. I still want to get my cherry popped….

That koi is still lingering around too. But he just laughs at Nate.

Nate says:

Thats why I’m going out with balls of oatmeal and some SL45’s in size 4. If that doesn’t work I’ll try french fries.

Someone say orange koi? If confirmed I will be searching for airline tickets shortly…bring on the koi!

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