Alex Kong vs. Smithzilla

Hollywood has run out of ideas, so fly-fishing compadres are picking up the slack. As if competing against a bunch of gangsters during Carp Slam wasn’t enough, I am now forced to contend with bonafide monsters overtaking my humble abode just a few short weeks from now.

It’s a clash that is sure to wow theoretical physicists, the paparazzi, and dogs and cats alike:

Alex Kong

King Kong

…versus Smithzilla.

I thought about buying a catastrophic insurance policy, but instead I’m just taking bets on who gets the sofa.

MG signing off (because the house is supposed to always win, although in this case it’s questionable)


slavetotheflyrod says:

Good lord man, It’ll take you a day to air the place out and another to dis-infect everything.

Better your place than mine though.

It seems to me you are tacitly offering up a Sympathy Float Day, am I right?

slavetotheflyrod says:

I’m goin’ floatin’ any way.

Sympathy or not.

When you gonna un-screw yourself and take a weekday off?

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