“At the end of the day, there’s not a bigger, stronger, more intelligent fish that’s going to leave you a better angler and give you the joy of getting your clock cleaned.” – Barry Reynolds

Barry mostly cleans their clocks, while the rest of us stand around with our ***** in our hands. Except of course for Tim Glomb, who has a camera in his.

MG signing off (thankful there is no 12-step program for carpaholism)


Any recommendations on a good 12-step program?

Awesome. Pretty clear I am in need of a support group as well.

@SZ/JM – If you flyfish for carp all hope for you is already lost.

n.taylor says:

Nice aquarium net.

Aquarium nets are made from discarded shirt hangers. I think that net is made from recycled Space Shuttle tiles.

slavetotheflyrod says:

Solid work.

I can’t wait to view the whole shootin’ match.

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