If Flickr is dead, watcha gonna do?

Thomas Hawk declares Flickr is dead, after comparing the service’s aging photo gallery to Google+’s presentation. So watcha gonna do about it?

Well, if you are concerned with the health of parent Yahoo!, are running OS X, and have a few hours to spare on a Saturday morning while sipping your go juice, get this nifty tool from Malarky Software called PhotoGrabbr (it’s donationware), and suck down your precious images. They’ll wind up in the folder of your choice, neatly organized by Flickr set name.

If you have a bunch of crappy photos, hence were paying pro-bucks to Yahoo! solely for the purpose of having full access to the pile, and saw the writing on the wall nine months ago, you simply shove said garbage into a homebrew gallery.

MG signing off (as with each death there’s need for an undertaker)

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