The Lineup

Introducing the pairings for the 2011 South Platte Pro-Am Carp Slam (am – pro):

Will Rice – Tyler Kendrick
Trevor Tanner – Clint Packo
Tim Romano – Kurt Olesek
Nathan Davis – Luke Bever
Jon Emert – Gifford Maythem
Nate Taylor – Tim Marek
Phil Beranato – Theo Anset
Josh Fiester – Scott Wells
Aaron Kindle – Bruce Smithhammer
Stephen Sparks – Ty Clifton
Sabrina Stratford – Chris Barry
Michael Weed – TK Conner
Rick Mikesell – David Luna
Robert Bibb – Rob Kolanda
Dzifa Glymen – Chris Galvin

And last but certainly not least…

Michael Gracie – Barry Reynolds

The odds of pulling that last pairing for a second time is about half as likely as getting struck by lightning. Carp Slam senior management declined all requests for interviews on the matter.

MG signing off (because luck has got everything to do with it)


Timglomb says:

Questionable all around.

even though we all know your pairing was fixed, I believe you should fear the vengeful force that is Smithhammerzilla. I wouldn’t be surprised by a strong showing from Ricecakes and Kendrick. Good luck to all. May the force be with you.

Ha. Well, as it turned out, there was no need to worry about Smithzilla. Extremely spooky fish, rock throwing kids, enthusiastic rafters, etc. squarely took care of that. But I wouldn’t have missed it for anything, and thanks for the invite. Great weekend, and lots of solid company – thanks to all that made it happen. And besides, I’m pretty sure I took home the consolation prize – several undocumented strains of infection.

Zilla did not, however, have to contend with face-painted, mohawked, spear wielding Laotians. So the adversity talk needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

It’s true. Compared to sharpened rebar-chucking urban primitives (and this isn’t exaggerated), my challenges were minimal. I hope this doesn’t lead to some sort of ugly turf war, because my money would be on the Laotians.

Other highlights include a guy appearing out of the bushes behind us while we were fishing, wearing full camo, with his shirt wide open, looking exactly like the boat captain in ‘Jaws’, and Romano and company finding a nice switchblade in the river…

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