The Pillagers and Plunderers

Without further ado…

1st Place – Clint Packo(1) and Trevor Tanner(1) (111 inches on 5 fish)
2nd Place – Barry Reynolds(2) and Yours Truly (81 inches on 3 fish)
3rd Place – Luke Bever(3) and Nathan Davis(1) (72 inches on 3 fish)

(1) First time participants in The Slam
(2) Reynolds has taken second place three years in a row across six different beats, meaning the man proves beyond a shadow of doubt he can catch fish no matter the conditions. And even though he’s drawn me as a partner twice.
(3) Luke Bever has competed twice, catching the Carp of the Slam on his first pass and all three fish that brought his team to podium on the second. In other words, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

The real winners of the whole shebang, however, are the donors of prizes, the attendees at the after-party, those who forked out cold, hard cash donations, and of course the urban South Platte River itself. Denver Trout Unlimited has preliminarily reported a 50% increase in revenue from the event, and the budgeted net, which goes directly to river restoration projects, should be right on target. Clem Rinehart, Cory Stansbury, Todd Fehr, and the rest of the DTU Board deserve major kudos for knocking this one out of the park.

MG signing off (to retire the carp gear, for at least a few days)


Sounds like a great event! Congrats to McTage on the big win!

Bjorn says:

Well played sir. Well played indeed.

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