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Pondering what is, was, could have been, and may yet be.    Photo: Kevin Best

You stand high on a ridge overlooking the stretch of water you just spent a precious day of your life on.

“We really scored on that bend.”

“Damn, that was a very long walk.”

“What was with all the rainbows?”

“Next time around let’s make sure we make it all the way to the fence.”

“Now’s just about the time we should go back down with streamers.”

“We should have brought a few beers.”

“In a couple of weeks the browns are gonna overrun this place.”

“I would pay for this kind of weather year ’round.”

“You’ve still got a sub sitting in the truck, don’t you?”

MG signing off (to make a snack list for the next nine-to-fiver)


Is this a… no it can’t be…

…a trout fishing post?

Sheesh, this place is really going to hell. What’s next – a Geirach interview?

Its about time the troutskis get some love in here. Now that you brought it up, what is your favorite size rod for these fish? You use double taper or weight forward? Do you find that fluorocarbon sinks your dries on these smaller streams or do you usually just use it anyway?

Tight Lines!

I go for the progressive action (whatever that means), with a triple taper skagit runner (whatever that is), and use a patented, not-yet-released-to-market polyester/silk blend for leader. I also employ a very special knot for all connections, the re-improved quad-hitch (which has 105% strength, even on six inch stocker rainbows).

Now that you know the ultra-technical secrets of my dog-food-enhanced troot victorious-ness, can I trade you some of my orange bead stock for some of your chartreuse?

Tight Lines!

I got that chartreuse goodness. I’ve had them soaking in salmon egg syrup for 8 months so they’ll be nice and ripe for ya.

Salmon egg syrup, eh? You’ve been holding out on me Nate-O.

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