Thank you, Sage

The last of the Carp Slam prizes arrived on my doorstep yesterday. Which means Mr. Trevor Tanner, the contestant who took first place in event, can now fish the urban South Platte in grand style…

sage one carp slam

That’s right, Sage’s new ONE fly rod. Despite knowing that they would be short on these fabulous fresh sticks – the rod is flying off the racks right now, and for good reasonSage offered up a ONE for first place. And then delivered.

Extremely generous, and brilliant business thinking. ONE…first place…get it? Sage got lucky too – not only did they get slotted as a banner sponsor of the event, but the Carp Slam itself was the biggest and baddest ever. In fact, the ONLY downside to their participation…they’ll eventually get sore ears from hearing all the thanks.

MG signing off (thank you Sage thank you Sage thank you Sage thank you Sage thank you Sage thank you Sage)

Editor’s note: the same thanks goes out to Kara Armano of Backbone Media, who quarterbacked the Sage participation. Thanks again, Kara!


I am completely jealous.

But I do dig my carp slam shirt…Mctage came through on that one!

McTage says:


I will be picking that badboy up tomorrow morning and hitting the water quickly. As in immediatly! With any luck I will have it nice and carp-slime-stinky in hours if not minutes.

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