Two out of three ain’t bad, no matter what kind of water you’re on

fishing stories

My smallest fish was this big!
Now get me another beer.

There’s this steaming pile extremely informative column running over at right now – it’s a three part series on how a trip to the bonefish flats can actually improve your (likely more frequent) trout fishing experiences. Part 1: Situational Awareness, and Part 2: Reading Water, are already up.

Yeh, you might think such a comparison, between stalking the flats for the voracious, invisible speedsters and hooking everyone’s favorite salmonid, is borderline reaching. I wrote the posts, which means your probably right. But read them anyway – you might learn something (even if it’s just how to scribe a thousand words that sound like you know what you’re talking about).

And of course, Part 3: How to Drink Beer Like a Bahamian Flats Guide While Standing in 40 Degree Riffle Water, doesn’t come until next week. So you are forced to stay tuned anyway.

MG signing off (because saving the best for last is even more distracting than the fishing)


Actually I think the caption was more like “Hey Gracie, we’re getting complaints from the locals – it’s soda water time for you, buddy.”

Stating that premise is so wrong on so many levels that if it wasn’t actually true I might have reason to complain.

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