A fishing story for boys and girls

Here is a boy brown trout. During autumn, boy brown trout show their flashy colors to attract the ladies. Not their Platinum American Express Card or German sports car…just colors. And the brighter the better, because boy brown trout have lots of competition for their girlfriends. I know it’s hard to fathom, but if a boy brown trout gets a fly stuck in his mouth, he goes from being randy to being really pissed off. Even the teen-aged boy brown trout are easily distracted by this.

This boy brown trout got very angry today. As did all his buddies.

Then there’s the girl brown trout. No two are exactly alike, but she is generally charming and pretty and has a lot of charming and pretty friends. Except she’s not always nice when she’s looking for a boyfriend. In the autumn she puts on a show of her own, chasing away the ugly boys while waiting for her prince. Which invariably arrives. Interestingly, she also gets a little irritated when a fly happens upon her lip. Kind of like a bad hair day, only fun.

We aggravated this girl brown trout and all of her lovely friends today. Every last one of them.

MG signing off (so the fish can go back to being happy boys and girls)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Of course, with every fly-fishing story comes the bloopers reel, compliments of Nate O’ Taylor. Or maybe the outtakes are the reality, and the story above is just a fairy tale.


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I have a feeling that someday this is going to comeback to bite me in the ass.

GSFeder says:

In the fall, the normally green leaves of many deciduous trees and shrubs cease to produce chlorophyll, allowing the orange and yellow cartenoids that are masked by the green chlorophyll to show through. Also, toward the end of summer, trees produce anthocyanins, which lead to the reds, the purples, and their blended combinations that decorate autumn foliage. The trees do this to attract flies. And the brighter the better.

“Are you still filming?” “No.”

Y’all crack me up.

Nate Taylor is the Joel Coen of fly fishing film.

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