Drake Schwag

I have been on the edge of my seat waiting for this package to arrive. The Drake did not disappoint…

All that fly-fishing related business development I’ve been doing over the last decade is really starting to pay off!

MG signing off (because there is no way I’m giving this hot schwag away)


At least those sunflower seeds aren’t previously enjoyed. Unless somebody sucked the salt off of them.

Mark: I’m definitely saving the seeds for later – way too busy trying to figure out how to use my OfficeMax discount card.

you know you can make a weapon out of that rubber band and paper clip… them drake boyz are smart

It’s all starting to make sense…the seeds feed the horse pulling the wagon. UPDATE: Ok JP, you said weapon, not wagon. Now I wish they would have sent some glasses.

I hope that was sent C.O.D.

Nope, post paid. I’m sure GM will hear about it at the next board meeting.

As he should. We can’t just be giving out those blank subscription cards like candy, or we’ll have to make up the loss somewhere else.

Scott Wells says:

This goes a long way towards explaining why the friggin’ magazine is always late.

True dat. Can’t fuel up the carrier pigeons if you’re giving away their sunflower seeds.

Tosh says:

Did you check the expiration date on that gift card?

Damn…screwed by the man again.

Tom Bie says:

So THAT’S where my rubber band went. Mueller is so fired…

I would have thought the paper clip was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

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