Fooled by trout

Just submitted to Fly Fisherman Magazine for the next issue's cover

Actually, made a fool of by trout.

The lovely picture to the immediate right is an absolutely perfect reproduction of my finest catch this weekend, while fishing a famed Colorado tailwater. In fact, said picture also depicts all the other trout I caught during this fly-fishing excursion. And, as if you already thought I might be pulling your leg this very moment, I am here to say this image, in all its technicolor glory, additionally represents the sum total of the trout caught by the two people I brought to this magnificent stretch of water, ostensibly as their guide.

Alrighty then.

MG signing off (to realign the stars Matrix using this picture)


GSFeder says:

Still on the first cup of coffee this morning, so not sure whether the point is that there IS NO PICTURE or if the combination of Google Chrome and my company’s firewall are fucking with me again. Perhaps ole Clubber Lang pities me too.

One more cup, Greg. One more cup and you’ll be right as rain.

Pete McD says:

Excellent composition and use of aperture.

Corbis and Getty are already fighting over the rights.

Joint venture with the emperor’s tailor on this one?

That would be the most original content Fly Fisherman magazine has put out in over a decade. They should be jumping all over this one.

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