Mom and Dad went to Bozeman, but all I got were these bags of ice

Silly me. I accepted this invitation to see the premier of Confluence Film’s latest, Connect. The folks from Yellow Dog Fly Fishing even offered to pick me up at the airport!

What gracious souls, I thought. Then they put me to work…

Confluence Films Connect

In return for their slight of hand hospitality, I drank all their beer. And watched their FFF (fly-fishing flick), which was, by the way, 100% over-the-top kick ass. I even scribed a review of said fishy blockbuster. Ha! They must have thought they could fool me, being from Colorado and all.

M.P. Harris: Hey Jim, this guy is a real piece of work. Can I drop him off at the airport early? Please!

Confluence Films Connect

Jim Klug: Did he unload the kegs yet? Not until he unloads the kegs!

MG signing off (because up until now, I always got the last laugh)


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