The catch of the day happened before the boots were even on

Driving down a mountain road just before 7am, we see this black spot on the road ahead. Upon closer inspection, it was determined this shadowy figure was a dog, running at an exhaustive clip. I slow to a crawl, roll down my window, and call out to the pup. It follows the truck to a pull off some hundred feet ahead.

When I open the driver’s side door, the dog leaps into my lap – he is immediately shoved into the back seat area. He’s freshly groomed, has a collar but no tags, and seems very scared.

The local newspaper delivery man pulls up. I explain the situation to him, and he dials 311. One makeshift leash later, we hit the river. Almost two hours pass before Park County Sheriff Animal Control finds us, fishing.

We’d dragged the pup with us, letting him frolic in (and drink) some water. Then he took to napping on a picnic bench – I suspect due to the rough morning he’d had. Or maybe just because he is…a dog.

Napping is fishing, as far as this dog was concerned

If you or someone you know in the vicinity of Lake George, Colorado has recently lost an otherwise happy Labrador-ish pup who is extremely friendly and whip smart (he responded to plenty of commands), maybe seven years old and weighing around 75 pounds, call Park County Animal Control right away. Your fine furry friend awaits you.

MG signing off (because we caught some fish, but it was a dog that made our day)


That’s an awesome post, MG.

Gotta look out for our four-legged friends.

Darn tootin’.

How’s that canyon of yours been fishing?

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