Rod Review: Scott S4S 906/4

Scott Fly RodsIt has become my favorite stick for…just about everything except throwing the daintiest of dries on the tiniest of tippet (what a silly thing to do anyway, eh?) – the Scott S4S 906/4. It’s the baddest soldier in my squad, and it’ll remain that way until it dies or I find something better – the latter seems unlikely right now, and the whole if/or scenario is © Starship Troopers.

Read the entire rod review over at MidCurrent, where I conclude that the S4S 906/4 won’t guarantee you a case of angling-acquired tetanus, but will get you a little closer to the goal line. And that, my friends, is what fly-fishing [should be] all about.

MG signing off (because I wouldn’t use this rod for marlin or tarpon, but the average bear is more than fair game)

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