This Thanksgiving

I could spin a heartwarming tale, but that’s already been done. Instead, I’ll stick to the cold, hard facts.

I am thankful for the everyday vegetable peeler. Because if such an implement didn’t exist, prepping ten pounds of potatoes would wind up a bloody mess.

potato peeler

Instead of just a mess.

MG signing off (because that is all…and I have to start cooking those spuds)


Greg says:

I used a peeler for my apple pie apples as well as my potatoes. I hope you didn’t put those peel down the dispos-all. Potato peels are one of the most difficult things for a garbage disposal to process. Calling a plumber on the day after Thanksgiving sucks! Not the least because you have to stay home and wait for him instead of going fishing. Be well.

I learned the potato-peel-down-the-disposal lesson the hard way, back when I did my own plumbing work. Hope you had a good T-day, GF!

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