Pulp Fly Volume One now available

We even got a few emails asking if the April 1st release date made the whole thing a joke. But after pulling out our remaining hair waiting patiently for a corporate giant to complete its review, Pulp Fly Volume One was released to the Amazon store sometime after noon yesterday.

You can grab it from this link: Pulp Fly Volume One.

We’ve already had a few requests for other versions (i.e. Nook and iTunes/iPad). The B&N version should arrive within the next few weeks (post-sleep catch-up); a native Apple version will come when Apple decides it should come, as in we’re wading through (and waiting on) their publisher application process to do its thing. As our fine lodge-running friend Andrew Bennett noted, however, you can still read Kindle books on your PC or Mac, as well as on your iPad or Android device – not to mention your Kindle. All you need is the Kindle app, which you can grab for iPhone, Windows PC, Mac, Blackberry, iPad, Android, and/or Windows Phone 7 here.

MG signing off (to do some reading)


any word on that iPad version yet MG? Im having a rough time containing my excitement!

BR – we are waiting on Apple, but with the issue they are having with the DOJ we are not holding our breath. Note that Amazon offers a Kindle app for iOS – that may be your best bet. We use it, and like it.

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