Bigfoot sighted trampling trout on Clear Creek

For the first time in history Bigfoot has been captured in a photo while playing the hunter/gatherer role. He’s caught here in this exclusive image trampling fish in Clear Creek:


Click the photo to enlarge

This intrepid wildlife photographer observed the beast pointing out his quarry with a Sage ZXL 386-4/Click III combo, and then pummeling them into submission with what appeared to be a size 22 Korkers boot #16 Parachute Adams. It was a life changing event, observing such behavior. Not lost either – how fashionable Bigfoot looks when geared up for his fishing adventures.

Meanwhile, requests for reuse of this amazing photo by National Geographic and the Discovery Network have been pouring in all morning.

MG signing off (because being in the right place at the right time is all that matters)


good to see Sasquatch back home in the land of bigfoot.

We figure the Florida weather likely caused the shedding of his furry coat.

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