Size doesn’t always matter, but pose for the hero shot anyway

You visit Andros South to catch big bonefish

Well, don’t you?

Ooh Barracuda

Photo by Andrew Bennett

If you are competing in the Inaugural Chickcharney Invitational, however, it’s a no-holes-barred multi-species grudge match. So anything goes, but size doesn’t necessarily matter.

MG signing off (because the competition was supremely tough, and he has to go pay up to the winners)


Next year I bring my pilchard rig and we run away with it.

I’ll bring a box of Sharpies. Between us I am sure we can catch at least a couple dozen “strains” of pilchard.

Tosh says:

(subdued chuckle)

Chuckle all you want Texan! Your Chickcharney record is going down!

Tosh says:

The trophy will remain forever with the first person to master the “conch set”.

Game over.

WindKnot says:

Take off my buff, right now. Unacceptable… mumble mumble, tarpon buff, mumble, bonefishing… [trail off grumbling].

And also, tell them to stop saying ‘cuda’. The correctly shortened form is ‘barra’.


Heck…I’m still wearing it. And I’ve been back a week. 🙂

WindKnot says:

I feel ya. Sometimes I’ll put on my whole fly fishing outfit — bugslinger Bonefish Coin shirt, Bugslinger crossed rods visor, (but no wading shoes cause they’re uncomfortable… like pants) — and just paw through my fly boxes… I may have said too much.

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