Sometimes I stretch the truth a little

Who in their right mind would waste such otherworldly fly specimens on carp?


Certainly not I.

MG signing off (to chug Kaliks while awaiting the hop to Congo Town)


McTage says:

That makes me feel better. I was battling a case of paranoia thinking you knew something I didn’t. Though they would doubtless work under the “its the presentation not the fly dummy” axiom, they sure didn’t look like the carp-flies I am used to.

No worries Mctage – you were not alone. Even the tier himself emailed me, suddenly questioning their efficacy.

Gregg Martin says:

I took it seriously, and so would any self respecting carp, and I adored that selection. Sort of like using a full dress salmon fly for steelhead when a burlap bug would work just as well. Now to talk him into it.


I like the burlap bag approach for finicky brook trout. 😉

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