Check Part Deux

The list is now complete.

High mountain pond full of cutthroat trouts – check.

High mountain pond

Multitudes of aggressive little brook trouts – check.

Little Brook Trout

A Colorado River Cutthroat trout – check.

Colorado River Cutthroat

Someone’s fishing buddy charging upstream to get to the goods first – double check.

Whimsical small stream

All photos courtesy of Will “Did We Really Drink That Entire Bottle of Bourbon Last Night?” Rice.

MG signing off (because I have to go back for more)


kp says:

Nice. Those little ponds are priceless.

Glad to see you diggin’ the backcountry, MG.

And I hope you whacked and ate every one of those brookies.

So much anger.

Nay, so much love for the natives.

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