Carp Slam VI: Results and related bloviation

It is was it is, and it was a grand show…

1st Place – Clint Packo and Will Rice (83 inches on 3 fish)
2nd Place – Luke Bever and Scott Demoss (71.25 inches on 3 fish)
3rd Place – Cody Muchow and Tyler Stewart (54 inches on 2 fish)

Clint Packo and Scott Demoss took the prizes for the largest carp taken in the pro and amateur classes, respectively.

After last year’s first place showing, Clint Packo proves luck has absolutely nothing to do with it, while Will Rice showed us that persistence (it’s his ninth Carp Slam…this year alone) and obsessive team play definitely pays dividends. Luke Bever is more than worth the hype – he’s entered three Carp Slams and hit the podium as many times; with first time competitor Scott Demoss taking a fish too, we are certain they will be making future appearances. And finally, Cody Muchow and Tyler Stewart, who were rumored to have practiced for the Slam on saltwater flats with three-weights, are odds on favorites for next year’s triple aught side contest.

To the victors go the oversized beer mugs

Photo by Alex Landeen

The Evening on the South Platte pre-game party was the usual smashing hit – the ladies came in high heels while the men all wore flip-flops. In other words, the Confluence Park lawn needs no aeration service this fall, and nobody was labeled the “dancing fool”. The first place team allowed lesser beings to drink from their cups, and said cups runneth-ed over onto many a chin and chest. Special thanks go out to the wives of several of the more exuberant contestants, who agreed to trade their attendance for new living room suites, and kept the craziness in check; nobody was arrested.

Additional thanks go out to all the competitors who raised money for river restoration on their own, of which one Mr. Doug Long’s tally was well into the thousands. There are hip-hip-hoorays for everyone who won silent auction items, and a pat on the back to the Denver Trout Unlimited members who again pulled rabbits out of their hats to make the whole shebang a whopping success.

MG signing off (because the Carp Slam is hard work, and even though I barely did a lick of it I’m still kinda tired)


Congrats to will and Clint! And of course to the south platte river…

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