When life hands you bacon

You make three courses out of it…

Saute it up with onions. When all is nice and hot, throw in some jalapeno peppers (not pictured, which is yes, lame) and serve up as a spicy side.

Bacon with onions and japaleno

Get that bacon semi crispy, then add your brussel sprouts and diced garlic. Turn until sprouts are a soft on the inside, then serve them on a bed of (what else?) bacon.

Brussel sprouts in bacon

Every flank steak needs sauce, and that sauce must include bacon. Along with smoked gouda, milk, mushrooms, garlic, sea salt, onion salt, and a little powdered chicken stock and parmesan.

Bacon cheese sauce

MG signing off (to queue up an interventional radiologist)

Editor’s Note: special thanks goes out to James “Big Cheese” Snyder for bringing home the bacon. And the rest of the ingredients for that matter.


Somewhere, right now, Alex Landeen has a full erection.

Alex says:

Wipin’ it off here, boss.

sharptail says:

Bacon, it’s practically a food group!

That sauce looks really damn good. Any chance you’d share the recipe?

Melt gouda in a saucepan, and add some milk once done; keep warm and stir. Separately cook up the [diced] bacon, and when almost crisp add the shrooms and garlic; continue until fungus soft and garlic browned. Toss pan two into pan one, add sea salt, onion salt and chicken stock. When blended, stir for 15 or so, then add parmesan. Stir on warm for another 5, then pour over your flank steak.

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