50 billion US company busy creating value

They have a market capitalization of nearly fifty billion dollars, and yet are less than a decade old. A veritable wunderkind of US industrial prowess you say?

They are now deploying capital to clear “fake likes” out of their system. Much as it might stretch beyond the intellectual capacity of the average person, people are working feverishly to eliminate these “fake likes”, a inarguable necessity for mankind itself. The media has even taken their cues from the PR department of this enterprise, in lockstep calling this latest, far reaching move of strategic business brilliance a “crackdown”.

A “like” is what again?

MG signing off (safe in the knowledge that someone else’s investment dollars are hard at work)


Tim says:

A ‘like’ equals cash. It’s a new currency. A ‘like’ can be a steady stream of income if you can change your product’s offering. Sounds crazy but it’s true.

Eric English says:

It’s not worth crap because it doesn’t cost anything to get an account, IMHO.

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