You say sponsors, I say suckers

Monday’s announcement that sponsors are hopping off the Lance Armstrong SAG wagon should come as no surprise to anyone. Big names including Anheuser-Busch, Nike, Oakley, and Radio Shack are now getting a front-row lesson in brand crisis management.

Unwilling to transparently differentiate, to provide conspicuously ascertainable value in excess of their competitors, these companies latched on to the pre-established success of others in the hopes of generating interest in their offerings. Instead they received a fleeting display of vainglorious associative disorder and a fat bill from the agency that placed them there.

How a brewer of alcoholic beverages hoped to raise brand awareness through bicycle racing seems particularly laughable, but you can be fairly certain some heavily massaged focus group results were the culprit. The US Postal Service receives nary a mention in this debacle, but rumor has it they have bigger issues to worry about.

MG signing off (because lipstick on a pig is still downright ugly)


Scott Wells says:


You need to get a line wet.


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