Making the Switch: A Game Changer Indeed

Kirk Deeter, what sayeth you on this switch rod bit?

Do yourself a favor. If you have the chance to try a switch rod at your local fly shop, or maybe on a casting pond at one of the upcoming sports expos this winter, do it. Be patient. It’s a completely different game than what most of you are used to. But it can open new horizons that actually last all year long.

It’s a game changer, mostly because you are going to feel like a dork the first hour out on water no wider than the rod is long. Then you throw your first decent shot, and mend with ease line that stretches as far out as most can cast one-handed.

That is, after you figure out which shooting head works best on whatever rod you choose. The links at this post will definitely help that cause.

MG signing off (because Deeter is right, much as he knows I hate to admit it)

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