Teach me a lesson at Alaska West

Those who have endured fishing with yours truly know that I rarely know what I am doing, but am very good with Photoshop. Hero shots are, of course, my specialty, and I now must dislose that virtually every fishing photo that has graced these pages has been manipulated. Except for maybe this one. Oops…here’s another. And lastly, one during the “had hair stage“.

The soul searching that led up to this admission has been a long, tough road. Many late nights with whiskey bottle in hand, seeking a new path, one that would lead to tranquility, purity of heart, and forthrightness in every fiber of my being.

But alas, I failed. And instead sent a check to Deneki Outdoors for a slot at their famed Alaska West Lodge the week of July 12th through July 19th, 2013.

Payment to Alaska West, for a life of lies

Alaska West sits on the legendary Kanektok River, home to the largest concentrations of gill and fin laden biomass in the western hemisphere. The folks up there are partial to catching the assorted beasts with two-handed fly rods. I suck at two-handed fly casting, and not for lack of practice. So if you decide you have a hankering for incredible fishing, combined with what could be the bonus of a lifetime, schooling me on the water as retribution for my years of deceit, here’s your chance.

If, however, you decide you want to plan your trip to Alaska West that week because I am an exceptional anglertoo good looking for Hollywood…a lucky bastard that you’d rather just deliver a crippling kick in the nuts to, that’s ok as well. I’m adding Global Rescue service to my trip package.

Deneki Outdoors Alaska West

MG signing off (to see how much more chicanery I can get away with before judgement week)


kp says:

You forgot the best hero shot of all. Albeit, it wasn’t of you.

If I could fork it over, I’d rather deal with you in Alaska than with you in Andros. I’ve actually done that before.

Nevertheless – I’d go fishing with you again any time brother.


Yes, this one does classify as one of the All Time Greatest Hero Shots ever.

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