In the mail: all the upcoming year in photos, courtesy of Tosh Brown

A surprise in the mailbox…

Tosh Brown calendar

Tosh Brown delivers motivation to explore in 2013. Although I’ll refrain from staring down any water buffaloes.

MG signing off (to say thanks Texan!)


danny says:

Mr. Brown takes some sweet pictures. I now want to spend next Christmas on Christmas Island.

Tosh says:

ME: Do Cape Buffaloes typically give any warning before they charge?
GUIDE: Not as a rule, but in your case it wouldn’t matter if he did.
ME: Why’s that?
GUIDE: Because you look slow.

I watched you sprinting across the dock to get the leeward seat in the boat. That guide knows nothing. Nothing!

Tosh says:

Leeward seat? I was just following the lunch cooler with the most sammiches.

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