The Salmonid Resolution

Around this time the interwebspheres explode with outlines of the trials and tribulations of the year past, and determinations for the upcoming trip around the sun. Some of the declarations are very popular, such as quitting smoking, losing some weight, or making more money. Others are complex, like developing a long term solution to the world’s burgeoning energy needs, or securing personal property rights for transgender hamsters.

I will not bore you with my summary of 2012, as I believe such diatribes are usually constructed to weave in some semblance of regret. Of which I have none. Not even an iota. Zippo, nadda. But I do have one resolution, and it’s neither widely distributed nor outlandishly difficult to accomplish.The Salmon Atlas

Catch more salmonids. Outside of my home state.

I even found a website to assist me in this straightforward endeavor, The Salmon Atlas

A fine piece of work indeed, and a now treasured find. Reason being, I’ve collected more two-handed fly fishing rigs in the last quarter than I care to admit (and still have my eyes on more), so I’m keeping my fingers crossed I can conjure some valid reasons to make use of them.

MG signing off (wishing all a happy new year, including the salmonids)

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