Florida Department of Wildlife makes a big move on the “Professional” Tarpon Tourney

The PTTS, known amongst many as the Putrid Tarpon Tournament Series, is some sort of TV reality show where halfwit party boat captains snag big tarpon in the Boca Grande Pass, then drag these magnificent creatures, gaff in face, to weigh stations for fun and profit. No, this isn’t Jersey Shore or the Life and Times of the Kardashian Clan, but if Snooky and Kim were on the show it would probably be an improvement.

Nevertheless, real anglers have been screaming bloody murder (which it pretty much is), and the Florida Department of Wildlife has taken notice. Now, in the vein of taking action (much as our friends at Costa Del Mar did when they recently bailed on sponsorship), the FWC is poised to make Megalops atlanticus a catch and release only species

The FWC’s action came after nearly two hours of debate over language contained in a proposed rule creating a broad “sport fish” designation for tarpon and other species. As a result, the commission opted to temporarily set aside action on the new classification while forging ahead with protections aimed specifically at protecting tarpon.

The group Save The Tarpon deserves enormous kudos for waking everyone up to the stench.

MG signing off (to count happy Tarpon jumping as I fall asleep)

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