Swabbie: Definition of a “post-host”

In the aftermath of late nights, 12 ounce New York strips, small-shop bourbon, and fly-fishing events, the host realized they loaned “someone” a shotgun so said guest could go shoot clays with their photog pals while said host worked like a dog.


While said guest did offer to clean said firearm, a last minute run for Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches put that plan in the proverbial crapper. In retrospect, a kitchen floor and a cardboard box can be a surrogate friend.

MG signing off (answering to “Swabbie” from here on out)


in classic arfcom style you managed to capture at least one of your feet in said gunporn photo. bravo.

I am not that good of a photog, JP. Had to Photoshop the foot it.

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