Amazing invention news of the day

New York University student Joe Landolina has created a gel that when applied to open wounds immediately stops even heavy bleeding

Interestingly, Veti-Gel doesn’t just stop bleeding but seems to initiate the healing process. “It works in three ways,” says Landolina. “The first way is it works as a tissue adhesive,” he explains. “It actually holds its own pressure onto the wound so you don’t have to do it. Secondly, when it touches the blood, it does something called activating Factor 12.”

This activates fibrin, which is the polymer you need to make a blood clot, explains Landolina. “Finally, it activates platelet cells.” The gel causes these to bind to the fibrin, causing a tight seal. Landolina says the speed at which this process happens is what triggers the healing process. “We don’t have all the testing to back it up yet – but it should allow it to heal faster over time,” he says.

This product will surely fail. Because it doesn’t have a Facebook page.

The real invention everyone should be cheering about today comes out of Silicon Valley. Twitter has been awarded a patent on sending messages to people that don’t actually pay any attention to you (because they are too busy sending their own messages), telling them what you just ate and/or that you just farted.

Now that’s going to change the world!

MG signing off (because extraordinary is and banality isn’t, regardless of how much sarcasm is input into the system)


kp says:

Hmmm – sounds like something I should purchase, no?

The Veti-Gel will probably cover any harm caused by flying hook in size 4/0 and higher, so yea you should get some as soon as it is available. Twitter on the other hand? Probably not worth the price they’re asking.

Sounds like the EMT Gel I carry for my dogs.

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